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Looking to climb the career ladder? Here’s how!

If you’ve been doing the same job for a while, you may be wondering whether it’s possible to make your way up the career ladder at your current firm. Perhaps a few promotions have already passed you by and you’re worried that you’ll be stuck on the bottom rung for the rest of your days, but don’t panic, help is at hand!

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Eight ways to use LinkedIn in your job search

LinkedIn is a useful tool for anyone involved in the world of work, but it can be particularly helpful for job seekers. If you’ve tried all the traditional job search routes and haven’t made much headway, it may be worth getting your head around LinkedIn and using it to your advantage. 

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3 simple ways to update your CV

If you haven’t updated your CV for some time, you may need to give it a complete overhaul before you start applying for new opportunities. 

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5 steps to beating job search procrastination

We’ve all been there. You sit down to jazz up your CV or write the perfect cover level and a million other things flash through your mind.

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Is your attitude harming your job search?

Searching for a job can feel really demoralising if you’re not instantly snapped up after the first application.

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Which job listed in the Bible are you most suited to?

You may not have noticed during your usual Bible readings, but there are tons of jobs mentioned in the Bible, many of which are still applicable today. 

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How to write CV bullet points that will wow HR

Each job you apply for is likely to attract tens if not hundreds of other applications, so it’s vital that your CV stands out. That means putting a bit more time into preparing it with the specific role in mind and condensing chunks of text into hard-hitting bullet points.

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How to increase your chances of getting hired

If you’ve been frantically applying for jobs but not getting anywhere, it’s time to take a step back and think about how you can make your job search more successful. 

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18 quick tips to help you ace your next interview

Whether you’ve been to a load of interviews with no success or are gearing up for your first formal face-to-face, the key is to be prepared. Following the tips below will help increase your chances of getting the job in the lead-up to, during and after your interview.

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5 ways to make your salary go further

However much you try to set aside each month, there always seems to be some unexpected payment to make. Maybe your car breaks down or your kids need money for an expensive school trip. 

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Lay Pastor

Polzeath, South West

Tubestation is looking for a gifted Pastor to lead the pastoral and worship life of this flourishing, unique, ocean-loving and Christ-centred communit...


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Financial Accountant (FA)

Carlisle, North West

Salary: £28,000-£34,000
Location: Carlisle, UK
Contract Type: Permanent Full Time (0.8FTE considered)
Closing Date: 28th February 2020

£28,000 to £34,000

Annually | Full-time

This is an exciting new appointment for an experienced Youth and Children Worker - with the primary purpose of leading the development of the youth and...


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HR Advisor

London, London

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