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12 ways to beat the post-holiday blues

You’ve come back from holiday feeling more wiped out than you were before you went... 

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Why taking a holiday from work could be good for your career

Some people start planning their work holidays months in advance, while others can’t even begin to work out how they’ll have time for a break. 

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Looking for a calling rather than a job? Read this article!

Most of us grow up with some idea of what we want to do with our lives, or at least the feeling that there may be a specific calling ahead. 

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Turning a volunteer position into a permanent job

Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community you live in, or to a particular area of need. As well as the direct benefits of serving others, volunteering looks great on your CV and can help you develop excellent new skills...

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How to overcome job envy

We all know envy isn’t a good trait, but what happens when your close colleague gets a huge promotion or your best friend is offered the job of a lifetime? It’s hard not to feel envious when they seem to be getting a better deal.

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Redundancies at work: what are your rights?

People often panic when they hear the word ‘redundancy’ in the workplace. You may be concerned about your options going forward if your job is under threat. How will you feed your family? Will you ever get another job?

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10 ways to survive working from home with children

Working from home has some major advantages, but if you’re trying to balance homeworking and childcare it can be a huge challenge. 

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Managing social anxiety at work

If you suffer from social anxiety, the workplace can be a real struggle. In addition to the day-to-day, you may have to attend events and social occasions as part of your job. 

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5 tips for a successful job relocation

If you’ve been offered a job in a different location or are considering a fresh start in pastures new, it’s worth thinking it through carefully before taking the plunge. Relocating can throw up unexpected issues and increase stress levels, so it’s best to be prepared.

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Is it possible to ‘minister’ at work?

The answer to this question will depend on your workplace. If you work for a Christian company where there is an atmosphere of prayer and ministry in place, it will be much easier to minister to your colleagues, although sensitivity will always be required.

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Children and Families Worker

St Albans, East of England

Looking for a new and exciting challenge, working with young people and families in a Christian context?

£23,300 to £27,300

Annually | Full-time

The Methodist Church in St Albans

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A fun, friendly and reliable Marketing Specialist who is mad about Jesus and desperate for people to know him as Lord and Saviour. You are highly skilled...

IT Systems Manager

Peterborough, East of England

For this role, you would be someone who is able to be responsible for the smooth running of our IT systems and develop and implement new IT projects as...

£27,000 to £29,000

Annually | Part-time

We are the biggest and oldest grant-making charity focused on supporting Anglican clergy and their families. In 2019 we disbursed grants totalling over...