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How good are you at job searching? Take our pop quiz!

If you’ve ever read a glossy magazine or used Facebook, you’re probably familiar with the pop quiz. Maybe you’ve worked out your age based on your musical tastes or come to the conclusion that he’s ‘just not that into you’ based on a set of ten very leading questions.

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Fancy a career change?

You’ve just spent a week on a beach somewhere, but you couldn’t get your mind off work. The truth is, your job has become mundane. You may have been passionate about it at the start, but now you’re just going through the motions. Is it time for a career change or do you just need to get your mojo back?

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How to get back into work when you’re feeling demotivated

We’re bang smack in the middle of the summer holidays, and maybe you’ve taken time off to go away with the family or have been travelling the globe for the best part of a year. Or perhaps you’ve had to take time off to care for someone or to raise your kids. 

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15 things you should probably do before you go on holiday!

It can be very refreshing to take a break from your normal routine, but a bit of careful preparation may affect how quickly you are able to unwind when you get there and settle back in when you return. 

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Why is accountability at work so important?

If you’re a churchgoer, you’ve probably heard the word ‘accountability’ being bandied about in a church setting, but what’s it got to do with work? 

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What to do if you’re off sick from work

Being poorly is never fun, but when it means taking time off work it can become a real problem at a time when you’re already feeling bad...

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What makes a great boss?

Did you know that half of all employees quit their jobs because they just can’t get on with their boss? 

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Looking for the perfect summer job? Read this first!

If you’re fresh out of school, college or university, you may be looking for a temporary summer job. Or perhaps you’re not earning much and need a bit of extra cash to tide you over. 

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How to put together a winning application form

It’s tempting to avoid application forms when there are jobs you can apply for that just involve firing off your CV with a basic cover letter, but some employers will only accept completed forms. It may seem like a lengthy process, but it’s worth getting it right if you really want the job.

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9 top tips to improving your interview technique

Unless you’re the most skilled and confident person in the world, you could probably use a little extra interview advice if you’ve received that all-important invitation letter.

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Production Manager

Nottingham, East Midlands

Heart Church is a vibrant, large and thriving city-centre based church in Nottingham. We have a vision and a passion to see the gospel of Jesus transform...

Children’s Ministry Leader

Milton Keynes to Bedford, Bedfordshire, East of England

Bromham Baptist Church is a friendly fellowship, meeting at the centre of a rural and commuter community. The Church is evangelical and charismatic with...


Annually | Part-time

Head of Youth

Ashington, West Sussex, South East

To lead, equip and grow Chanctonbury Youth accelerating and shaping our 2033 Youth vision to become reality.

£22,000 to £26,000

Annually | Full-time

Chanctonbury Church