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Sexist scenarios women face at work and how to handle them

If you’re a woman and you work, the chances are you’ve experienced some form of sexism or gender bias at some point. Perhaps you’ve been turned down for a job because you’re seen as a ‘maternity risk’ or you’re being paid less than your male counterpart. Alternatively, you may have been talked down to or harrassed. 

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Coping at work after a bereavement, or supporting a co-worker who is grieving

If you’ve lost a loved one, dealing with the grief can feel overwhelming, not to mention the practical details. You may feel like giving up your job, shutting everyone out and even ending your own life. Or maybe you decide to throw yourself into work and shut all the emotion out. However you handle it, dealing with grief in the workplace is really tough.

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The top employee benefits and where you can get them

According to Glassdoor, workplace perks are among the key considerations for more than a third of employees when accepting a new job. Whether it’s a company car, cycle to work scheme, bonus incentive or a day off on your birthday, employee benefits can have a significant impact on your day-to-day life.

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Why you should be praying for your co-workers

Whether you love your job or are finding it really challenging, it’s good to approach it prayerfully. If we have faith that God can change other areas of our lives, we should believe that he can work in and through us in the workplace, not to mention in the lives of our colleagues.

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What are my rights as a volunteer?

Just because your volunteer work is unpaid, it doesn’t mean you have no rights. You are still protected from bad treatment and exploitation even if some traditional employment rights don’t apply to you in this position. If you’re just starting out, check your job description or volunteer agreement to ensure that it covers the following. If you’ve been volunteering for a while, it might just be worth refreshing your mind about your rights and entitlements.

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How to nail that interview presentation

If you’re anything like me, you’ll actively avoid interviews that involve giving a presentation of any kind. Unfortunately, it’s unavoidable for some jobs. If your dream role is reliant on delivering a spectacular presentation, it’s time to get prepared!

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Bored of your job? You have two choices…

Being bored at work is arguably worse than being overworked. I remember doing a full week of photocopying in a room by myself – painstakingly removing every paper clip and staple – only to be told no one would ever read the files. Not only was the job mindnumbingly boring, but my nails were destroyed, my body ached and I felt thoroughly unappreciated. If I’d had to do it any longer, I’m not sure how I would have coped.

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10 words recruiters love to see on your CV (and 10 they hate!)

When it comes to writing your CV, it’s clear that you have limited space to convince prospective bosses that you are the perfect candidate. It’s time to get picky about what to include if you want to stand out for the right reasons! Here’s how to cut the jargon and tell recruiters what they really want to hear. 

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Public speaking tips for introverts

Perhaps you’re in a role where public speaking is a regular feature, or you’re applying for jobs where you’ll have to speak in front of large groups and you’ve never done it before. If you’re an introvert, this can be extremely daunting, and may even be keeping you awake at night. The tips below will help if the words ‘public speaking’ send you into a complete frenzy!

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Resigning from your job? Here’s how to do it with grace

Whether you’ve been in your current role for a matter of weeks or for what seems like a lifetime, it’s important that you go about leaving in the right way. Here are some dos and don’ts to help you move graciously from one role to the next.

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Chair of Board of Trustees

Scotland, England or Wales, International

After many years fruitful and successful service our current Chair is retiring soon. To allow some time for handover, we are looking for a new Chair for...

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We are seeking new and innovative ways in which to further develop our existing children and families ministry at St George & St Paul's in Tiverton, Mid...

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Newnham, Awre and Blakeney, South West

Our three worshipping communities are relatively small but open and welcoming. offering a range of types of worship. The churches are well known in our...

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The trustees of Menadue are looking to appoint a Centre Administrator to help in all aspects of the administration required to fulfil the trust’s objectives...


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