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The real reasons why you’re not getting that job offer

Have you been to a load of job interviews but had no offers? 

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How to ‘pimp up’ your CV

You’ve brought your CV up to date and have started sending it out to hiring managers, but you’re not getting any responses...

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10 simple tricks to improve your health at work

As we spend a significant proportion of our lives at work, introducing a few sensible tweaks can make a big difference to our health, productivity and sense of wellbeing. 

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The 12 days of Christmas job search (part 2)

This famous Christmas song has a cumulative effect, and your job search should follow suit. The following will probably make more sense if you check part one out before you read on. Once you have, it’s time to get going with day seven of your Christmas job search.

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Getting over your interview nerves

Few of us feel super confident about job interviews, but if you’re really nervous there may be some practical things you can do to overcome, or at least hide the physical symptoms. Could singing a nursery rhyme and squeezing your buttocks help? The experts seem to think so!

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10 ways to beat the post-Christmas blues

The presents have all been opened and the parties are well and truly over. It’s January and you’re back at work. That’s enough to make many of us feel a bit down. If you’re suffering from the post-Christmas blues, the following tips might just help.

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New year, new job!

We’ve probably all made New Year’s resolutions at some point, many of which will have failed by January 2. But if finding a new job is your number-one resolution, it’s important that you stick at it until you have that offer in front of you!

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Top tips for handling shift work

We all know that shift work can play havoc on our biological clocks, making it more difficult to sleep and wake up at the right times, and to focus when you’re at work. While there’s no magic cure that works for everyone, the experts suggest the following tips will help recharge your batteries and get a good night’s sleep.

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The 12 days of Christmas job search (part one)

If you’re between jobs, you may find that you have to spend some time looking for work over the Christmas period. But don’t panic, because by taking the right steps at the right time, you’ll move closer to securing a role without missing out on all the festive fun.

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A simple guide to interviewing via Skype

If you’ve been asked to interview for a position via Skype or another video app, it’s really important that you prepare well. The common mistake is that people take Skype interviews less seriously than face-to-face meetings, but remember that this could end up costing you a great role.

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Featured Jobs

Children’s (& Families) Worker

Danehill, East Sussex, South East

This part-time role is based on 18.5 hours per week worked on a flexible basis with one regular nominated day off per week completely free of work. Please...


Annually | Part-time

All Saints Church, Danehill

Schools And Families Pastor

North East Hampshire, North East

Wanted: Grown Up Child to Work with Schools and Families


Annually | Part-time

Youth Worker

Harrow, London

Empowering, engaging and enabling young people across the diverse London borough of Harrow.

£23,000 to £25,000

Annually | Full-time