The 10 worst jobs in the world

Having finished my degree I found myself doing various temporary jobs that would test the patience of a saint. In one I painstakingly photocopied files for an entire week, removing millions of staples and paper clips as I did so. When I finished I was told no one would ever read them; they would simply be filed away in the archives.

In another role I had to ring several thousand companies to ask why they hadn’t responded to a survey we had posted out. There were some very rude responses, but most claimed not to have received it. So I sent another batch out, only to engender the same response. These jobs were boring… but below are some roles that involve unprecedented levels of patience, tolerance or danger. Check them out!

  1. Watching paint dry. Scientists at Dulux are paid to check the colour changes of paint as it dries on various wall types.
  2. Armpit sniffing. Deodorant developers at Unilever have to sniff the armpits of strangers to ensure its products are keeping the stink at bay.
  3. Crime scene cleaners. You may love watching CSI, but nobody films the scene after the discovery of a body, when the clean-up begins. No amount of Febreze will do the job here. Bring back the armpits, we say!
  4. Crocodile trainer. Some zoos train crocodiles to do tricks, including a trainer putting his or her head in the croc’s mouth. To do this job you would either need to be incredibly brave or incredibly stupid. Snap snap.
  5. Cold callers. If you’ve ever received a call about PPI or accidents at work, you’ll know the level of ire a cold caller might be up against. As Christians we are always polite, of course, but I imagine some people are less restrained. Factor in timed toilet breaks and gruelling targets and it’s not surprising these callers feel cold about their jobs at times.
  6. Pet food taster. I once ate cat food when I was a toddler and it did nothing for my breath or the dress my mum had carefully placed me in before giving me into my dad’s care. Chewing gum would be an essential purchase in this role, and you can forget about kissing for the foreseeable.
  7. Sewer diver. However much your job stinks, diving into sewage probably trumps it (if you’ll excuse the pun). With each dive lasting up to six hours, sewer divers can find anything from car parts to guns to human corpses during a day’s work.
  8. Taxi driver. This may seem like a tame occupation compared with the above, but some taxi drivers out there would consider playing with a crocodile and a dive into sewage a drive in the park. Imagine working unsociable hours, dealing with drunk people and cleaning all sorts of muck off the back seat. It’s like being a parent to the power of ten.
  9. Roadkill collector. Ever seen a badger sprayed out across the road like a zebra crossing? Imagine being the one who gets to scrape that up off the road and dispose of it. Enough to put you off your pet food? You betcha.
  10. Pig inseminator. Pigs sometimes need a bit of help when it comes to procreation, and that’s where the inseminator comes in. And the Prodigal Son thought his life was bad…

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