New year, new job!

We’ve probably all made New Year’s resolutions at some point, many of which will have failed by January 2. But if finding a new job is your number-one resolution, it’s important that you stick at it until you have that offer in front of you!


  1. Lay out your objectives. Decide what sort of job you’re looking for and think about any training or qualifications you might need to undertake. Think about your priorities. Do you need a new challenge, or a less stressful role? Are you looking for a higher salary or a job that will work around your childcare arrangements?
  2. Pray for opportunities. It’s great to start a new year prayerfully (and hopefully continue that habit throughout the year!). Pray about your work situation. God cares about your everyday life! Ask that the right doors will be opened, and that whatever you end up doing will glorify him.
  3. Get prepared. Maybe your CV needs updating or you need to ask potential referees to vouch for you. Perhaps you could prepare a basic cover letter that can be tailored to each role you apply for. It might be time to buy a new interview outfit or to work on your social media platforms. Take the first positive steps towards finding a new job at the first available opportunity.
  4. Think about places to search for jobs. We obviously think Premier Jobsearch is a great place to look for a new role, but remember that not all jobs are advertised online. Check out the job section in your local paper, or make a list of prospective employers and see if they have any vacancies. Even if they don’t, it might be worth getting in touch and registering your interest.
  5. Dedicate time. It’s all very well planning to apply for jobs, but if you don’t set aside time to do so each week, the months will fly by and you’ll be no closer to getting that dream role. Schedule time into your diary to look for vacancies and fill in the relevant applications. You may also want to follow up with companies you’ve applied to and heard nothing back from.
  6. Make your applications count. It can be tempting to just fire off a generic CV and cover letter if you’re really desperate to find work, but quality always wins over quantity. It’s better to submit two great job applications a week than ten mediocre ones. Make sure you follow the instructions for each individual role and really sell yourself well based on the job description and person specification.
  7. Get some extra experience. If you don’t instantly find something, it might be worth dedicating some time to a volunteer role or work experience. This could give you new skills, experience and perspective. It might also inadvertently lead to paid work.
  8. Plan some fun. Take regular breaks from job searching to spend time with friends and family. Get plenty of rest and relaxation. Then when you come back to applying for jobs you’ll have a fresher outlook and renewed energy.
  9. Apply yourself in your current role. If you have an existing role, make sure you continue to be diligent, even if your heart is no longer in it. It’s good to leave on a positive note, and with a good reference in your back pocket!
  10. Don’t give up. Job searching can be disheartening, especially if you’ve been doing it for a while. It’s only a matter of time before you get an opening, so persevere with it. This time next year you’ll be glad you did!


Happy New Year from the team at Premier Jobsearch!

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Joy Tibbs is a freelance writer and editor who regularly contributes to Premier. Find out more at and find her on Twitter @joyous25

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