Looking for a less conventional career?

If you’ve been stuck in the same line of work for years or have decided that the regular nine to five isn’t for you, there are plenty of options out there. Having left a traditional job in publishing to set up my own editing business, I can totally empathise!

Leaving the ‘rat race’ can give you a real sense of freedom, either in setting up your own business or looking for something a little less conventional. It might simply be that you want to work more flexible hours around your children or a hobby. The following ideas may just give you the inspiration you need to escape the daily grind.

Freelance web designer

Depending on your skills and client base, you can expect to make around £60,000 per year as a freelance web designer. There’s strong demand for web design as more companies focus on online sales and services, so there should be no shortage of work, and you should be able to choose your hours of work to some extent. You may be office-based some of the time, but if you have the right software you may get away with doing a fair bit from home.


Travel guide

If you have a passion for local history, architecture or literature, you could make a living out of sharing that knowledge with tourists in your area. With an average salary of around £24,000 per year, it’s unlikely to make you rich overnight, but putting on tours might just get you out of bed with a smile every day. You may be very busy at certain times of the year and quieter at others, but that could be a hidden blessing as you’ll be able to get away during low seasons. If you don’t fancy showing people around in person, you could produce travel guides based on your knowledge and sell them through local bookstores, travel agencies or online.


Personal trainer

If you live and breathe fitness, you could make around £25,000 a year teaching others how to get fit, tone up and live healthier lives. As well as keeping yourself in shape, it will be really rewarding to see your clients achieving their goals. You could team up with a local gym or set up on your own and advertise your services locally. You could also branch off into related areas such as nutrition or physiotherapy with the right training.


Social media consultant

Many businesses are excellent at what they do, but when it comes to promoting their products and services they may not have a clue. You could help to run their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram accounts so they can focus on their core business. There’s plenty of scope here, from producing great online adverts to making promotional videos, so your job could be varied and creative. If you’re great at customer service, you can help clients respond well to positive and negative feedback from their customers. Related fields include copywriting and blogging, which could give you a few quid on top of the average £34,000 a year for social media consultancy.


Makeup artist

With an average salary of £42,000, becoming a makeup artist can be lucrative. Whether you’re doing makeovers for local people, getting actors or models ready to go on stage or specialising in wedding makeup, there should be plenty of work around. You could even offer makeup classes or sell your own line of cosmetics. You may find yourself working evenings or weekends depending on your client base, but you should be able to avoid the standard nine to five and work around your other priorities.


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Joy Tibbs is a freelance writer and editor regularly who contributes to Premier. Find out more at joyofediting.co.uk and find her on Twitter @joyous25

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