How good are you at job searching? Take our pop quiz!

If you’ve ever read a glossy magazine or used Facebook, you’re probably familiar with the pop quiz. Maybe you’ve worked out your age based on your musical tastes or come to the conclusion that he’s ‘just not that into you’ based on a set of ten very leading questions.

Well, this test will run along similar lines and will probably give you an equally fluffy ‘result’. But it’s also a bit of fun and a way to give yourself a break if all you’ve been doing this week is searching for jobs. So here goes…

  1. How long do you spend searching/applying for jobs each week?

a)      Five minutes.

b)      An hour or two.

c)       Ten hours.

What outfit would you wear to an interview?

a)      Whatever I find on the floor that isn’t too creased and smelly.

b)      Ripped jeans and a death metal T-shirt.

c)       A reasonably smart suit or dress.


How’s your CV looking?


a)      What CV?

b)      It’s a bit outdated, but it’ll do.

c)       I’ve spent time updating it and making the formatting really clear.


When it comes to writing cover letters do you…?

a)      Not bother. No one ever reads them anyway.

b)      Use the same one for all applications. One size fits all.

c)       Tailor each cover letter to the individual job and person spec.


If you had to give a presentation for a job interview, would you…?


a)      Run for the hills.

b)      Put something together on the day and hope for the best.

c)       Research carefully, make a PowerPoint presentation and practise in front of my friends.


Would you rather…?


a)      Spend zero time job searching and get a lousy job.

b)      Spend a small amount of time job searching and get a mediocre job.

c)       Put all your energy into finding the perfect job.


When applying for jobs do you?


a)      Spend most of my time thinking up reasons not to apply for the jobs I find.

b)      Apply for everything I see with a generic CV, ignoring the ones with application forms.

c)       Pick the five strongest possibilities each time I search and devote time to applying for each post in a tailored way.


You’ve found the perfect job but you need to undertake some training or work experience first. Do you…?


a)      Apply without it. They should be grateful just to get my application and I can normally wing it.

b)      See if I can find a way round it. If not, I discount it and move on to the next job.

c)       Find out exactly what I would need to do and take the necessary steps as quickly as possible.


You’ve exhausted all the options on your favourite job site. What’s your next port of call?


a). The pub. I’ve done everything I can and it’s sunny out.

b). I’ll go and buy the local paper tomorrow.

c). I buy the local paper straightaway and browse for jobs. If I find nothing suitable, I start ringing around or approaching companies I’d like to work for online. I also attend networking events to make important contacts in my chosen field.


Your interviewer asks what your greatest weakness is. Do you say…?


a). “I normally turn up late to work but I still get stuff done most of the time.”

b). “I don’t have any. I’m perfect in every way.”

c). “I used to have problems with prioritising/confrontation/public speaking, but it’s something I’ve really worked at and I now consider myself to be strong in this area.”


If you mainly answered A: Your approach is lackadaisical at best and downright lazy at worst. You’re unlikely to get a decent job unless you buck up your ideas. Must try harder!

If you mainly answered B: You’re not too far off being a decent job searcher, but you need to put a bit more effort in. Stop procrastinating and commit to applying for a small number of jobs well each week. Spruce up your CV and your interview outfit, and aim a little higher.

If you mainly answered C: You’re well on your way to landing a great job. Your heart is certainly in the right place and you’ve demonstrated that you have what it takes to find suitable employment. But make sure you don’t become too obsessed with applying for jobs. Schedule in some time for fun with friends.

Ok, so this quiz was a bit silly, but there are some good job searching tips in there if you look closely enough!


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