Find the perfect seasonal job this Christmas

Here are some top tips to help you secure a Christmas cracker!


  1. Don’t procrastinate. It’s easy to get caught up in all the festive fun, so put the mince pie down, lay off the mulled wine and get searching! There’ll be plenty of time to celebrate once you have a temporary employment contract in your hands.
  2. Be flexible. The chances are, the Christmas jobs advertised won’t fit your long-term dreams. It may involve manual work, driving or retail. You salary may also be lower than expected, especially if you’re employed through an agency. But keep an open mind. It’s only for a short space of time, and you might find you enjoy doing something completely different. You could even try working as Santa himself!
  3. Consider how much time you have. It’s all very well wanting to make a bit of extra cash, but can you afford to spend all your time at work – possibly with multiple jobs – while keeping up your other commitments? Be realistic and don’t overdo it, or you could end up flat on your back by Christmas!
  4. Update your CV. You’ll need to get your resume in shape even if you’re only looking for a temporary role. Make sure your most recent skills and experience are listed, and that your contact details are up to date.
  5. Write a stunning cover letter. Your cover letter will give you the perfect chance to match your CV to the job description and person specification. Explain how your skills and experience equip you for this role, even if they’re transferable skills.
  6. Apply in good time. This comes back to the procrastinating point again. Make a note of the closing date for the jobs you’re interested in and send off your applications well in advance. Make sure you address your application to the contact listed on the job advert.
  7. Prepare for an interview scenario. The chances are, your interview will be fairly short and informal if you’re taking a temporary job, but it’s good to be well prepared. Make sure you have appropriate clothing and practise answering some of the most common interview questions.
  8. Do a good job. If you’re offered the job, don’t just look at it as a handy little earner in the lead-up to Christmas. It might be that you make important contacts in this role, or are offered a more permanent contract at the end of it. As you would in any job, be punctual, work hard and behave professionally at all times.
  9. Make a budget. There’s no point taking on extra work if you’re not going to use the money wisely. Write a budget that includes essential outgoings, then work out how much will be left over (if any) once you’ve covered these. Allocate additional funds appropriately, making sure you don’t blow it all on tinsel and turkey (unless that’s what you took the job for in the first place).
  10. Have a very happy Christmas! If you’ve been working really hard in the run-up to Christmas, make sure you have time to relax over the holiday period. You may have to neglect some friendships in the short time if you’re super busy, but make an effort to catch up with people when you have the time. Enjoy this precious holiday with friends and family, and remember what it’s all about.


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