7 surprising benefits of working over the Christmas period

Almost a million Brits are believed to work on Christmas Day, with many more putting in the hours during the days immediately before and after Christmas. If you’re one of them and are feeling sad or resentful about it, these seven surprising benefits might help to change your mind.


  1. You’ll be able to get to and from work in no time. As far fewer people will be working on Christmas Day, traffic should be minimal at typical rush hour times. If your commute is normally long, this should cheer you up. You might even get a seat on the train or bus if you use public transport and it just happens to be running on the big day!
  2. You’ll probably be getting paid extra. If you’re working on Christmas Day, you’re likely to be on double or even triple time. Just think of all the things you’ll be able to buy in the January sales when everyone else is super skint! You can act like a martyr on the day, but you’ll be celebrating when your pay check comes in.
  3. You’ll be able to dodge boring Christmas parties and meetups. Christmas can end up being a busy and pressured time of year, especially if you have a large family. Maybe working over the Christmas period will get you out of some of the worst obligatory visits and parties. And when you aren’t working, your family will appreciate the time you spend with them more. Win win!
  4. You’ll probably have very little work to do. This won’t apply if you work in a medical or caring profession, but many of us find that the workload is significantly reduced over Christmas. If you’re super keen, you can use the quieter time to get ahead for next year. If not, you can enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts.
  5. You’ll have a fair claim over the Christmas TV schedule. The family will have had all day to watch crappy Christmas telly, so when you get back after a laborious (or not so laborious!) day at work, you can stake your claim to the remote control and get your loved ones to wait on you while you kick back and relax.
  6. You’ll get to organise your Christmas earlier than usual. If you’re working over Christmas, there’s no point putting the decorations up a day or two before the fun kicks off. It’s the perfect excuse to get your tree up early, light up the front of the house and tuck into the first of many mince pies. Make the most of the time you have!
  7. You’ll probably have more fun at work than you usually do. Festive cheer will be hanging in the air, and you can have a mini party with anyone else who’s been roped in to working over Christmas. Take in some turkey and stuffing sandwiches, a bit of Christmas pud and some chocolate coins, and you’ll be the most popular employee as you head into the new year. Worthy of a promotion, if you ask me!


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Joy Tibbs is a freelance writer and editor who regularly contributes to Premier. Find out more at joyofediting.co.uk and find her on Twitter @joyous25

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