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Available until: 31st Oct 2018

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TKC is seeking a General Manager to start December 2018 or soon thereafter. The successful candidate will play an instrumental role in the continuing growth of TKC as a profitable centre of excellence, serving both commercial and charitable users effectively as a multi-purpose event centre which is continually working to achieve excellence in its services and processes, and contributing larger returns to its parent charity going forward. TKC is owned by, run by and substantially used by Oxfordshire Community Church. It is therefore vital that the General Manager can lead the staff team to work with the ethos and values of the parent charity, and its vision for the use and development of TKC. The General Manager is responsible for leading all aspects of TKC, including: business leadership and development; conference and event management; financial planning; facility oversight; liaison with charity users; managing all TKC Staff members (including core, causal and contract staff) and reporting to TKC Chairman and Board of Directors. 

Responsible for all aspects of The King’s Centre, including: Business Leadership & Development Financial Management Staff Management Facilities Management GM’s Mission Statement: Play an instrumental role in the continuing transformation of The King’s Centre’s culture into a profitable centre of excellence, serving both external and charitable users effectively. This to be achieved through developing a multi-purpose event centre business, which will contribute larger returns to parent charity going forward. Overview The general manager is responsible to the Board of Directors, reporting via the Chairman, for: Conference and event management, proving a professional service with good customer care Business and financial management, delivering of profitable business People management, developing the team and balancing the needs of charity and business 1. Business Leadership and Development: As GM, you are responsible for the ongoing growth and development of the business and facilities. You will work very closely with various staff members while planning development. Set sales targets and objectives Maintain and develop growth strategies Network and connect with key business relationships across the county Plan/action all marketing and PR strategies and campaigns. Client retention plans and goals Liaison with Community Development Manager regarding community projects/support and relationship with OCC Client Feedback Customer Service standards-maintenance, development and improvement 2. Financial Management: Responsible for all financial oversight and reporting for The King’s Centre Ltd. Report financial situation/forecast to board in each board meeting Maintain financial awareness with team, regarding revenue and expenditure Oversee operational budget Create, maintain and support CAPEX budget (with OCC liaison) Scope out possible financial benefits/grants/schemes available 3.Staff Management: As GM, your main task is to maintain the well-being of the team. They are the biggest asset and require attention and time. Facilitate, maintain and update policies and procedures Periodically revise working patterns and processes Task tracking at team meetings HR Holiday management Office coverage Operations oversight (with Operations Manager) Staff appreciation Team building and training 4. Facilities Management: The King’s Centre building is shared by 2 stakeholders- TKC Ltd. and the Oxfordshire Community Churches parent charity. Because TKC Ltd. has the highest percentage of usage, it is your responsibility to make sure that all building matters are taken to the Liaison committee and discussed. Negotiating all building upgrades and development with Oxfordshire Community Churches Maintain facilities (Facilities Manager) Oversee all changes Strategy development with Facilities Manager and Liaison Committee

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