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NSWLearning (formerly NorthStarWorldwide) is a small fully asynchronous (not in real-time) online secondary education provider. We were established in 1999 and provide educational support for students aged 11-18 in the over 25 countries. Over the last two years we have worked with student and small Christian schools in over 25 countries. Using our own dedicated online learning platform, we provide a rich learning environment that provides our students with curriculum and tutorial support.  We do not generally meet our students face to face or work with them in real time.

Current Needs/Vacancies

We are currently looking to add to our team of tutors in the following areas -

Business Studies (IGCSE)

Economics (IGCSE)

Environmental Management (IGCSE)

Computer Science (IGCSE)

Religious Studies (Matthew & Acts) (O level)

Geography (Key Stage 3)

Christian Worldview (Key Stage 3)

All courses are written, so tutors do not need to develop curriculum to work with us.

Our Tutors

NSWLearning tutors are enthusiasts - they enjoy tutoring their subjects and love to work with young people who invariably have an interesting story to tell. Since nothing happens on NSW in real-time, our tutors are free to decide when they work with us. Since our courses are already written, most of the time the primary role of our online tutors is to mark work (electronically) and respond to emails from students (and occasionally parents or teachers in schools with whom we work). Above all, we expect our tutors to be affirming, committed and professional.

At NSW we see what we do very much as a ministry - we are here to serve families and small schools around the world.

Tutors are paid on a per-student basis. Because of the small number of students that we work with, all of our staff work on a part-time basis. Further details about rates of payment can be provided if you are interested.

NSWLearning tutors are all UK qualified teachers.

Our Students

Because most of our students study with us outside of a school context, students need to acquire highly developed skills in the areas of self-motivation, organisation and personal development.  We find that our students take ownership of their learning and are likely to be self-starters.  They are unlikely to view education as a passive activity or something that is provided for them or done to them by others.

NSWLearning students are generally very successful in their chosen fields.  We prepare students for Cambridge IGCSE and A level examinations.

For further information and to request an information pack please contact us by email - admin@northstarworldwide.org or give us a call on 01246410122.

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