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I’m on disciplinary. What should I do?

You may have been the best employee ever until one mistake was made and you found yourself being disciplined by your employer.

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Basic job search etiquette that you might be forgetting

There is so much contradictory job search advice out there that you might have got to the point where you’ve jumped through all the hoops without any tangible results. 

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8 time management skills that will improve your work life

If you constantly feel as though you’re drowning at work or that your personal life is suffering, it may be time to evaluate your time management skills.

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Do I need a career change?

If you’re asking yourself this question the answer is fairly likely to be yes. Perhaps you hate what you’re doing and want to try something entirely different...

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Why your midlife crisis could really be a chrysalis

Is God calling you to something new? Chris Goswami explores how you can overcome your midlife crisis

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6 tips to help you in your graduate job search

You don’t need anyone to tell you that the current job market is competitive, and especially so for graduates, with more students obtaining degrees and other qualifications than ever before.

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How to interview with someone you know

Interviews can be tricky whatever the circumstances, but if you know your interviewer or interviewers the tricky stakes may be that little bit higher. 

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Help! I’m running out of funds and I can’t find a job!

If you’ve just finished university or are between jobs, you may be staring at your ever-diminishing bank balance and wondering how you’re ever going to pay your bills. 

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4 reasons you may be struggling to work your way up the career ladder

If you’ve been doing the same job for several years and haven’t made any sort of progression, or you have had various roles all at the same level, you may be wondering why.

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Which five industries are paying the best salaries in 2016?

If your job isn’t paying enough to make ends meet it might be time to broaden your horizons. 

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Centre Leader

London, London

Waltham Forest Youth for Christ's aim includes reaching young people with the gospel in multi-cultural and multi-faith schools in N E London

£25,618 to £31,711

Annually | Permanent

Teach. Lead. Create. Develop. All skills we're looking for in someone to make a significant biblical contribution to the strategic direction of Belmont...


Annually | Permanent

Belmont Chapel

As Centre Manager the role is to ensure the smooth day to day running of CMC whilst there are guests staying residentially at the centre. This is achieved...

£18,500 to £20,000

Monthly | Permanent

CMC Adventure